Solve The Problem Of Funny Pranks For Whatsapp

If you are getting funny pranks due to WhatsApp error code on your PC, why not take a look at these troubleshooting tips.

Whatsapp joke messages are one of the best solutions if you want to be able to choose the answer to the above question. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with over 2 billion users. it is also famous for the fact that without accessibility there is no advertising. The draw on the platform is so real that so Zu will be a fantastic face with a lot of confidence on the other side. Perhaps WhatsApp can do more than just chat, these are pretty handy features.

Google’s strict precautionary measures have made WhatsApp difficult to prank. But no, it doesn’t make sense! However, there are some interesting methods that you can use to use the WhatsApp prank. odhowever you can also download pranks, pranks or apps to annoy your friends.1:

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Part Of 10 Best Funny WhatsApp Pranks

Support your belief in humor with the ten funniest WhatsApp pranks below.

1 – Prank Your Parents With A Future Message

How do you troll a friend over text?

Use the real shortcut feature. GIFjoker’s best friend.Shock your big grammar-lover friend.Transform into a robot.Be lyrical.List them for another text list.Change contact name.At least one of Nathan’s messages hit the outfielders.

2 Play Or Your Mom!

If you’re a grandma or grandpa who likes to run away, check it out! There are many similar ways to play the kids in your family this way.

3 – Here’s Another Example, The Truth

4 – Revealing If You Don’t Want To Talk To Anyone

Surprise them by sending them breakup messages or similar campaigns that won’t work.

5 A Marriage Proposal To You!

It’s fun to write whatsapp prank text when you get a marriage proposal from your parents.-

6 Leaking Your Personal Data

Humbly say the name, even if the person on the other side is serious.

7 – When There Is Nothing Better Than Something

It often happens that you are bored at your current job because of the last one Work.

8 – Hello!

funny pranks for whatsapp

When you say that someone will recognize your personality and your subject, but you don’t tell them you like it.

9 – Do You Know The Results Of The Entire Human Pregnancy?

Annoy on another page with the following message, as shown in the image below.

10 Write A Special Poem For Your Loved One

Write a lovely long poem to your loved one after a long break in this wonderful way.

Part 2: Top 10 WhatsApp Pranks

After discussing the funniest text messages, it’s time to move on and explore some pranks for WhatsApp. Typo

1 Due To Error

Send Vos’ long message to your friends and ask them to know that this bug doesn’t exist. What you need to do is write the word “error” with “Error”.

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2 – Ask Them To Choose

Create a new list from choices like you, 2, 3, etc. Or any topic. Do not reveal the meaning of these numbers until they are asked to choose one from them. Be sure to save their odd answers to suit your needs A fun challenge to your real friends.

3 Rearrange – Funny Letters

Any list with funny words and misleading text in them for your faithful friends. Ask them to rearrange it too, they’ll start laughing as soon as companies finish making funny afterwords out of those letters.

4 Hidden Find The Tiger

Ask your friends to find the hidden tiger in the main image above. This will divert personal attention from the answer, the correct one and the word “Hiding on the tiger” is the image itself.

5 – Cheerful And Bold Questions

Send one or more funny and daring questions to your companions and see what they say. Questions might be: “What funny name would you give me in your current contact list?” Or post your weird whatsapp photo in status or send it to me so i can post it.

6 – Find A Face In The Current Image

First, it’s the face in the coveted very bottom corner of the image above, which is pretty hard to find. Dare to give it to your chief friends.

7 – How Many Flutes?

This is another awesome whatsapp prank where you as the recipient find the number of flutes in the picture above. It is difficult to find how a person can distinguish the answer to the problem below.

8 – Test Your Physique

funny pranks for whatsapp

Send this vision to all your friends, individually or as a group, and ask, “Which one should be completed first?” However, the answer to this question is “Tank 1”.-

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9 Find 8

Ask your friends to find the hidden eights all in 9.

10 – Funny Alphabet

Ask your friends or Your Excellency, anyone without the alphabet to forget the meaning. Select send list type after abc.

Part 3. 5 WhatsApp Prank Apps You Can Try

Start your day with these 5 WhatsApp pranks to piss off your friends, loved ones and classmates.

You Need To Create Between 1 And 100 Posts In 1 Second

You install the WhatsApp Spammer app. Then a friend, select which users want to send a message with these fake stalkers. Next, you need to select the number of messages and distributeSplitting spam messages after certain read, write and. Finally, you must press the “Start” button and press “Accept” and “Next” to confirm.

2 – Send An Empty Group Message

You can leave a huge blank message to give to your friends. For this purpose, you really need to download an app called Text Repeater and then select “Erase Text” tab at the bottom. Select the retry limit and the WhatsApp signature after the share button.

Rozwiąż Problem śmiesznymi Dowcipami Dla WhatsApp
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Risolvi Il Problema Degli Scherzi Sfacciati Per Whatsapp
Lös Problemet Kopplat Till Roliga Upptåg För Whatsapp
Löse Alle Probleme Mit Lustigen Streichen, Die Für WhatsApp Verfügbar Sind
Résolvez Le Problème Lié Aux Farces Amusantes Pour WhatsApp
Resuelve Esos Problemas De Bromas Divertidas Sobre Whatsapp
Resolva Esse Problema De Pegadinhas Engraçadas Sobre O Whatsapp

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