Tips To Decide How To Make A Hard Drive Enclosure

In recent days, some of our readers have encountered an error in the manufacture of the hard drive case. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s get to know them below.


When buying a computer, it’s easy to save disk space. You think you don’t need more than 256 GB, but you’re right, just a year later you’re looking at a crowded C:fire that no longer bothers you with reminders that it’s nearly full. p>

If your own laptop allows you to move the popup from bottom to top and navigate to a new station Card update disk, the disk will be simple. However, don’t throw away the previous drive when you’re done – probably just put it in a USB fence and use it as a third-party backup drive, additional storage for your computer or gaming PC to share files. from. your friends.

Buying a good gadget is incredibly easy.

Before We Start

We won’t go into the details of upgrading your awesome drive, as this is a guide on its own. But if you haven’t already, first copy all the important directories from your old hard drive and then clone your system install equipped with a tool like Macrium Reflect (Windows) or Carbon copy Clone (Mac). before opening the computer, replace the new disk.

The process of finally replacing drives is as simple as it sounds, even if you’ve never dug into the innards of a new laptop before. You can search any model number of your computer on Google to find a specific step by step guide. it, making it time to restWell, just in case your old drive is still working, that is, if it hasn’t failed or is not full of ugly sectors and new life inside.

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Find The Right USB Enclosure

Determine the jpg type of most discs you deal with by examining the close strength, size and connections. Whitson Gordon

Hard drives come in a variety of shapes these days. On modern PCs you will probably find:

  • 3.5-inch hard drives: Slow, noisy, large, but can take up a lot of space. You will learn about it using these desktop computers.
  • 2.5″ hard drives: Still slow and noisy, but smaller and suitable for almost any laptop.
  • 2.5-inch solid-state (SSD): same number of drivesThe same substance and shape as 2.5″ hard drives, but with solid state hardware that potentially eliminates the noisy spinning drive for a faster drive, allowing longer storage without working parts. .
  • mSATA solid state drives. These modern laptops, released like in the last decade, save even more space by significantly reducing the 2.5-inch form factor. These mSATA drives have similar speed to 2.5″ SSDs but are more compact.
  • M.2 SATA SSD: M.Is – 2 is a new set of connectors that looks like mSATA. However, not all M .2 drives are the same – some older ones use a SATA connection (and thus are similar in speed to 2.5″ SSDs and mSATA here) while others use a faster transfer called… .
  • use

  • M.2-nvme-ssds storage: nvme would be very fast and common on many high end laptops you would buy today. M.NVMe 2 SSDs are often similar to M.SATA 2 SSDs, but may not be compatible.Sims with the same body.
  • This may seem like a specific batch, but don’t worry: you really don’t need to know everything about every single disc type. Just look at your personal drive (or if you haven’t started your computer yet, look at the illustrations, photos, or videos for instructions on resolving your laptop) and compare with its photo type above. type of connected drive.

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    For discs from 3.5 to 2.5 inches, there are many different cases. In terms of affordable prices, ORICO cases are typical and popular and have worked well for me in the past. This phone fits 3.5″ drives, and you should definitely get either old school USB-C or new school USB-C, depending on which slots you need to plug it into to connect. Compact enough to fit small drives, their significantly larger 2.5″ model is available at a very affordable price with multiple connections. This means that you practice, to a certain extent, you get what you pay for. I used home releases without campaigns, cheap but you can invtest in stronger materials and a more attractive design if portability or aesthetics are important.

    how to make a hard drive enclosure

    As for the more portable laptop readers, things are a bit more confusing since the technologies are similar. Due to its level mSATA is simple – surprisingly your drive is short and fat, if yours is one this case should help. For M.2 drives, look for part of the label and the “key” shape of the rear connector on the end. Most Amazon offerings have an image in an image carousel showing which drives you like – for example, this UGREEN model works well with SATA drives that have either a “B-key” (no doubt one at the end label) or a “Key M+B” (two steps at the end).

    However, this does not work with NVMe-based M.2 hard drives, which may look the same as M-Key SATA drives, so check the label to see if your drive is NVMe or sata. Instead, NVMe drives work with a UGREEN enclosure. As above, you are free to browse Mit rims with different looks or features – only durability is an advantage, so read reviews here.Before buying.

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    Move Disk, Mount, But Also Reformat

    Can you build your own hard drive?

    Building your own portable hard drive is easy, it can save you money, and it offers more custom options to buy than off-the-shelf drives. External hard drives are great for storing MP3s, photos, videos, and backup files.

    Did you get access to the hulls? her darkest past. Don’t forget to drive them in and fill them all with your favorite items. Whitson

    Oddly enough, choosing the right shell is the hard part. The ride itself is very easy and you don’t need a lot of tools yet. In fact, the Que orico drive I’m using for our purposes in this tutorial as well usually doesn’t require tools – the top just slides to the right without exposing the inner chamber that houses the hard drive assembly.

    how to make a hard drive enclosure

    How can I make my hard drive external?

    choose a large internal hard drive.Install the disc in the hard case.Connect one of our connectors.Seal the hard drive bay.Connect box.Connect PC to close.Plug and play hard drive.

    Does a hard drive need an enclosure?

    you buy a hard drive enclosure that matches the size of your drive; responsive 2.5″ chassis for reliable performance and 2.5″ and 3.5″ chassis for 3.5″ reliable drive.A

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